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Hey.. People if you've recently seen this website i want you to know, that i have a myspace an official myspace named: go there to add me okay? add THAT website if you've seen that account go ahead find me :)/\)

Check my facebook Page: Please share if with your friends and Fams

 Ight... Here's Some Of Meh Newely REcently  Made Words.. Maybe Phrases :)


1. X28 = "Time To Eat" (Made on: Long time Ago)


2. WIDNTAT, also known as WINDTAT... "When In Doubt Never Trust A Trout"... The Trout Is The Person You Don't Trust.... (Made On: Recently)


3. "Bearsbearseverywheres" (Made On: 4th Grade)


4. CALL: "Cat A Like Love" Also known as A Cat Like Acting As Love :)

(Made in 7th grade)


5. " What Kind Of World Is This... Where There Are More Mean People..." (When: cAm Bac From Home)


6. " HAY L8 = Hit The Hay, CYal8  (7th Grade)


7. pac cat man!  :(/|\)

Made on the  (12:10PM 10-16-10/Saturday!)


8. :>')3     10-17-10 5:10PM

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